We are experienced in surveying all types of craft regardless of their construction material, and use the latest technological equipment to inspect vessels including moisture meters, ultra-sound, endoscopic and digital cameras, etc.  

We bear in mind the intended use, whether residential, pleasure, commercial or sport and comment accordingly. 

Typcial types of survey inspection include:

Full Pre-Purchase Condition / Insurance / Finance / Accident / Damage Survey / Valuation / Hull 

Unless otherwise agreed, our comprehensive written reports will include recommendations and be available two clear working days after the survey. They can be sent by email or in hard copy.   Current fees for leisure craft are £40.00 per metre plus travel expenses @45p per mile

BSS - Boat Safety Scheme

If you're thinking of using your boat on the inland waterways you must have a valid Boat Safety Scheme Certificate. 

see here for details of the scheme and what you will need to do to comply https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/boat-examination/arranging-the-examination/preparing-for-examination/ 

The Cost of a local  BSS inspection is £190.00 including the BSS Certificate.  A discount of £40 is given if the boat fails and no certificate is awarded. A fee of £75 is charged if a re-inspection is necessary provided it is within one month of the original.  Mileage and travel time may be charged for travel beyond a 20 mile radius.  Please ask for a quote.

Advice and Consultancy

Marine Accident Investigation  

Insurance Claims

Finance Company Valuation

Tonnage Certification  

British Vessel Registration  

If you need help with anything marine not listed here, do contact us - we're happy to help!

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