We are experienced in surveying all types of craft regardless of their construction material, and use the latest technological equipment to inspect vessels including moisture meters, ultra-sound, endoscopic and digital cameras, etc.  

We bear in mind the intended use, whether residential, pleasure, commercial or sport and comment accordingly. 

Typcial types of survey inspection include:

Full Pre-Purchase ConditionInsurance / FinanceSmall Commercial Vessel CodeAccident / Damage SurveyValuationHull 

Only Our comprehensive written reports will include recommendations and are produced, normally within 48 working hours of inspection.  They can be sent by email or in hard copy.   Current fees for leisure craft are £40.00 per metre plus travel expenses @45p per mileCommercial craft by negotiationContact us for a quote and full terms and conditions 

BSS - Boat Safety Scheme

We at Moffatt Marine want you and your family and friends to be safe on the water. If you're thinking of using your boat on the inland waterways you must have a vailid Boat Safety Scheme Certificate. 

Your vessel will be LPG GasFuel, Diesel, Petrol and Electric, in fact any form of fuel.Solid fuel.

Fire Fighting equipment.VentilationBatteries and wiring.  Above are just some of the systems checked within a Boat Safety Scheme inspection. We know this can be a stressfull time. 

We at Moffatt Marine will help you and your vessel get through this inspection. We talk to you before the inspection and help you understand the requirements, once the inspection is complete we will help you through any deficiances if there are any. 

The Cost of a BSS inspection is £150.00 Plus Certificate, currently £35.00 and travel to your vessel, 45p a mile. We offer a pre-inspection before your vessel requires a BSS, for the inland water ways trust. Lets get your boat ready for the inspection. 

Advise and Consultancy

Marine Accident investigation  

MCA Code certification  

Tonnage certification  

British Vessel Registration  

Vessel training

Contact us for any of these services, we will be more then happy to help.

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